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Best FREE Website Builders! [2020]


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00:00 — Introduction
00:45 — Constant Contact
00:55 — Strikingly
01:15 — Wix
01:33 —
02:20 — XPRS
02:36 — Jimdo
03:01 — Google Sites
03:55 — Weebly
04:32 — Webflow
06:03 — Carrd
07:00 — Ucraft
07:28 — Conclusion

Written Guide to Free Website Builders:
My Guide to (Paid) Website Builders:

I've spent the last month testing free website builders and here's the truth: Companies aren't jumping at the opportunity to give you something for free.

I know. Surprising, right?

Fortunately with a little research you can actually make a free website builder work. This video is an overview of the 10 most popular free website builders. I cover everything you'll to know about their free plans.

Ucraft let's you connect a custom domain name (awesome!) but has a pretty big ad.

Webflow has a great free plan but has a learning curve.

Carrd is excellent for one-page websites.

Weebly has a solid free plan but their ad is bright blue.

XPRS has no ads on their website— which is awesome! Unfortunately the free URL is quite long.

Jimdo has a solid free plan but I find their website builder too simple.

Google Sites is intriguing— you can add a custom domain, which is great! The only other free website builder to allow this is Ucraft. Unfortunately Google Sites isn't really for small businesses. They only provide one template.

Constant Contact's ad is just too big. randomly adds advertisements to your website— there's no way to control where the ads show. Not great!

Wix has a great paid plan but the free plan is pretty limited. The free subdomain is long and unwieldy, the ad is pretty intrusive and they have an aggressive bandwidth limit.

Strikingly doesn't include SSL so your website will appear unsecured in browsers like Google Chrome.

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