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Clash with PHi | TH8 vs TH9 | Pekka Walk + Bowlers | COC 2019 (ft. Ash)


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Hey Everyone,

Here is our latest video!

We are the PHi Family.  An adult only international war clan family.  Part of Elite Nations. All our players are 3 star-minded and are constantly looking to improve, develop and learn new strategies.

- #PHi (level 17) (YYQQ09) 546+ war wins
- #IronGiants (level 16) (9GY0GC82) 380+ war wins
- #ATX WOLVES (level 15) (8PJGJUQG) 389+ war wins
- #ATX Too (level 8) (#8QRRPCQ) 129+ war wins

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Date Added: 2020-12-18

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