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CSULB Zeta Epsilon Tau Alpha Phi Installs F2K16


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Welcoming Fall 2016's Alpha Phi Class. Welcome to the brotherhood.

Zeta Epsilon Tau is a proud member of the Asian Greek Council of Southern California, which consists of 20 other Asian American Fraternities and Sororities. In addition to the Asian Greek Council, Zeta Epsilon Tau belongs to the Cultural Greek Council of California State University of Long Beach. The fraternity prides itself on the perseverance of its members in striving for academic excellence and in giving back to the community

Zeta Epsilon Tau was established in the year 1971 at the University of Southern California, based on the ideals of PRIDE, LOYALTY, HONOR, and RESPECT. In 1988, Zeta Epsilon Tau relocated its charter to California State University of Long Beach, becoming the first Asian American Fraternity on campus. While continuing to hold true to the ideals of our founding fathers, the fraternity prides itself on offering its members the chance to develop a bond with each other in what can only be described as TRUE BROTHERHOOD. The same BROTHERHOOD that is the basis of our fraternity's existence.

IG: @Zetaepsilontau
FB: @Zeta Epsilon Tau
SC: @Zetaepsilontau
Gmail: [email protected]

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