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Data Science: The Approach, The Skills, and The Job Market | PHI Talks Webinar | Josh Hortaleza


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In 2012 the Harvard Business Review called Data Science the "Sexiest Job of the 21st Century." In 2020, does this statement still hold water? In this talk, Josh Hortaleza will be addressing the ins and outs of this very young and fast moving industry. From what skills a student needs to develop to how to finally land an internship, this talk will be a through discussion on his experiences interning in a Data Science role, and what it takes to get there. A Q&A will follow afterward.

About the Presenter:
Josh Hortaleza is a 3rd year Computer Science major at Wilfrid Laurier University. He has previously interned at Intact Labs as a Machine Learning Researcher and CIBC Data Studio as a Data Scientist.

Presented on April 2nd, 2020.
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