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Elderly blind couple seeking help to finish building their house in Portmore


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DECEMBER 11, 2020: A love that seemed difficult to forge at first, eventually manifested with a little persistency from Clinton George Stewart, 68, whose determination led him to finally sweep Lorna Stewart, 63, off her feet in the late 1970s.
They have been married for 29 years and though both of them are visually impaired, their bond seems undying. While the couple expressed that their love continues to grow, it is their current living condition that they are not pleased about.
As a former member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Clinton, who described himself as a ruthless district constable, told The Gleaner Wednesday, that the situation is very embarrassing for the couple, who said they started to build a house in Portmore, St Catherine and reached up to "beam stage", but were not able to go any further.

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