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ESO: New Wrathstone Furnishings - Meridia Statue and Forge-Lord's Great Works Preview


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Hey everyone! ????Click SHOW MORE for time links???? Here is a look at the new furnishings coming to Elder Scrolls Online. This video was taken on the Wrathstone DLC PTS Patch! This Includes the Forge-Lord's Great Works Furnishing Pack, and the Meridia, Lady of Infinate Energies Statue. Enjoy!

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Forge-Lord's Great Works
00:12 Dwarven Bench, Forged x 2
00:21 Dwarven Brazier, Open x 2
00:28 Dwarven Bust, Forge-Lord x 1
00:41 Dwarven Chandelier, Braced x 1
00:50 Dwarven Conduit, Rounded x2
00:59 Dwarven Dias, Conduit x 1
01:07 Dwarven Frieze, Colossal Power x 1
01:15 Dwarven Frieze, Power in Twain x 1
01:22 Dwarven Frieze, Wrathstone x 1
01:29 Dwarven Gear, Large Open x 2
01:37 Dwarven Gear, Large Spokes x 4
01:46 Dwarven Gearwork, Perpetual x 2
01:53 Dwarven Hub, Sentry Wheel x 2
02:01 Dwarven Lamppost, Powered x 2
02:09 Dwarven Lamps, Heavy x 1
02:18 Dwarven Lantern, Oil x 2
02:29 Dwarven Part, Sentry Head x 1
02:38 Dwarven Platform, Fan x 1
02:47 Dwarven Rack, Spider Legs x 1
02:56 Dwarven Table, Heavy Workbench x 1
03:06 Dwarven Throne, Conduit x 1
03:15 Dwarven Valve, Sealed x 1
03:26 Meridia, Lady of Infinate Energies
03:33 Placed Furniture - Showcasing Scale

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