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Whether you have received your email to join or you're a new member wondering how to engage and get the most out of your Phi Theta Kappa membership, start here with this informational webinar.

Meet the current international student president, Lavada Burse, as she talks about her PTK experience and rise to success. She will cover the PTK courses and programs that can help you build leadership skills, develop your resume, and connect with colleges and universities as you continue your education. Lavada is joined also by PTK's Associate Vice President of STEM and Workforce Programs, Johannah Williams, who will discuss how chapters can get engaged on their college campuses and in their local communities which can lead teams and students to honorary awards and recognition. Finally, hear from PTK's Associate Vice President of Program Implementation, Jennifer Stanford, who will talk about how your student research and community efforts can be published in PTK's own undergraduate research journal, Civic Scholar.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society has helped millions of high-achieving college students reach their full potential. We don’t just recognize their academic success; we give them opportunities to develop professional and leadership skills, earn scholarships, explore career paths — and make their worlds a lot bigger. Find out more by visiting our website

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