Ezoic Earnings: Just How Much (More) Money Can You Earn with EZOIC?


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I have been using EZOIC for more than a year now. And the results have been very encouraging so far. In this video, I show you exactly how much money I earn with EZOIC on a daily and on a monthly basis.

If you are just using Google Adsense, you are definitely missing out on a lot of revenue. In this video, you will learn why you should register for EZOIC rather NOW than later.

I have increased my earnings with EZOIC about 100 to 150%. All I needed to do is installing EZOIC and benefit from their improved serving of ads.

Why do you earn more with EZOIC than just with Google Adsense?

It's pretty simple. EZOIC as AI-based and they will constantly improve your ads and will only serve the most profitable ad combinatinations. Moreover, the Ezoic algorithm gets smarter every day and as a result of that, you will constantly earn more.

Another reason why your earnings are likely to drastically increase is the fact that EZOIC works together with many ad partners and will only serve the ads that will get you the most money. For instance, media.net is already included in EZOIC, so you won't need to apply for that anymore.

More importantly, you will be able to still serve your Google Adsense ads even with EZOIC. You can keep your existing Googl Adsense ads and in order to use them with EZOIC, you will only need to wrap these ads with EZOIC code (around the google adsense code). Later on, in the dashboard of Ezoic, you will have the chance to split test your old setup (Google Adsense only) vs. the new setup (Google Adsense and many other ad partners all inside of EZOIC). You can, for instance, send 50 percent of your traffic to your old setup and 50% of your traffic to your new setup. Then, you can easily see which setup earns you more money.

Using Ezoic also has numerous other benefits. For instance, joining EZOIC will enable you to serve sticky sidebar ads. If you are just using Google Adsense, you are NOT allowed to do that.

Last but not least, EZOIC does not come with a contract as other premium ad networks like Mediavine. So if you don't like EZOIC, you can simply deactivate it, go back to your old setup and won't need to bother with any contract-related problems.

Sign Up with Ezoic here and start to earn MORE:

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