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Daily Challenges in Forge of Empires

Soon a new feature will be added: daily challenges. they will be part of the new quest interface, which already is available on the test server since a while. In the future every morning after 8 players will have the possibility to decide for one of two chests containing different rewards every day. The possible rewards are shown and players can decide for one or the other. The possible rewards are coins, supplies, forge points, medals, blueprints, special buildings (including ones from sets) and many more. This new feature definitely has a different quality than clicking in incidents, regarding the challenging tasks as well as the possible rewards.

In my case the decision was easy. What would I do with a few coins? Even if these up to 5 tasks of chest 2 are much more challenging, I am only interested in these rewards. There nice items like shrines and forge points are possible rewards. Of course I hope for the shrine of knowledge. But the assigned chances make clear that I will end up with 10 forge points.

Now I have time until next morning 8 am to complete these tasks.

First I complete the task to spend 8 forge points.

A second task requires to conquer a sector on the campaign map. Nothing easier than that – if there are still provinces to conquer.

A third task requires to spend 1,500 tavern silver. I don't need it urgently, but I buy an attack bonus.

Then I have to win 4 fights in a row. The first fight I already achieved by winning that sector before. It is also possible to win fights in the guild expedition. Or you can attack your neighbors. That would be valid as well as long as it is successful. I prefer the guild expedition as this provides additional benefits to me. And after the third victory in the guild expedition I already completed the fourth of the five tasks.

The final task is a diligent but routine piece of work: Complete 33 supply productions of 15 minutes each. This is done quickly using 9 production buildings. This way the first daily rewarded is available. I already guessed it: I received the 10 forge points instead if the shrine of knowledge.

The next day I again have the choice between two crates. While a champion's retreat or many unbound champions are not bad rewards, I am a bit more interested in the other chest as I already have enough champions. But a renovation kit would be great.

This time there are three tasks. I start with the 5 minutes supply productions as they can run in the background while I defeat 40 units in the guild expedition.

Using 14 forge points isn't difficult and after completing all 55 supply productions of 5 minutes each another daily challenge is mastered. My reward is a plus-one.kit.

Succeeding 7 days in a row in these daily challenges you will be offered a chest with 3 times the value of a daily chest. This definitely is worth a try.

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