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FoEhints: Halloween 2017 in Forge of Empires


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Halloween 2017 in Forge of Empires

This year we will have again the popular Halloween event. Already at the start of the game this year's star prize is in the focus: the Black Tower.

It starts with the quests that we already know well from all these other events and historical questlines. You will find them in the first comment below this video.

New is the success bar in the lower part of the quest window. After 7 completed quests the reward ist the graveyard that we already know since many years. Many players have one, often an improved version of it. For these the event also has something interesting.

After quest 13 you will receive the haunted house. It produces coins and lowers happiness. Oh well ...

After the completion of quests 20 and quest 30 you will be rewarded with a graveyard upgrade kit. This does not only work with the graveyard that you won earlier this year. It also can be applied to the graveyard that you won in the years before, even if it is already enhanced. This way you can upgrade your graveyard up to the necropolis, a new version providing even more happiness on the same 7x3 area as the monimental graveyard.

Finally after the 45th quest we reach the goal. The Black Tower is a residential building with a size of 4x5 increasing your population by one, decreasing your happiness, and providing coins. It will be great after receiving motivation from other players. Then the amount of coins will be doubled, and it will produce 5 goods, 3 forge points and medals. From modern era these will be refined goods based on the current age of the building, not on the city's current age. I think this reward is worth to solve 45 quests.

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