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FoEhints: Power Start Episode 6 in Forge of Empires


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A nice picture of the friends tavern, the building that is getting more and more important for us with every upgrade. As the tavern is growing, also the collected number of coins, supplies and goods is growing every day. It is important that productions are running without interruption. We add another chair in the tavern to let our silver collection grow further. We invest the summed up forge points into the technology tree, still being limited significantly by the lack of goods.

At least one of our trade offers has been accepted over night. Now we have a bit lumber. This enables us to negotiate the final sector of Fel Dranghyr. We let the scout look for new provinces in the north as we urgently need the second Bronze Age deposit. As much as our goods allow that, we also can negotiate sectors of Tyr.

As soon as the scout reaches it's target, we negotiate the first sectors there. The lumber mill gets demolished as it only was a temporary solution because of the lack of offers in the market. The new stone mason also still has no deposit. But as soon as we have enough stone, we will get it. As the market is not providing stone, we have to produce it on our own, even if it is inefficient and slow.

We reconstruct the city a bit to expand the stone production. I don't like the roof tile houses much. But as we still cannot build cottages, this currently is the best house to build. Today is the day of the bad compromises. From tomorrow everything will be better.

In the market I get some marble. This is traded for another sector on the province map.

With the new houses another quest is completed.

Then I demolish a pottery to get the space for another stone mason.

The remaining marble allows me to complete the last missing technology of the Bronze Age which provides another expansion.

I always check the tavern and collect the silver if it is full. With these revenues we can buy the 8th seat.

With the remaining marble we get the third sector of Hymir. The remaining two sectors ask for stone, which we produce very slow.

Collecting productions impresses more and more. As soon as we will have solved that problem with goods, it will be much easier for us. We definitely have enough coins and supplies.

It is important that the productions are running all the time. We can do that using either the browser or the app. That does not make a difference as long as we always collect and restart.

These few stones that we produced, we use to negotiate one of the two missing sectors of Hymir. For the final sector we need another 5 stones. I accept the sad situation and trade 40 wine for 4 stones as I still cannot find offers in the market. Our tavern is not upgraded enough to buy a boost for better tradings there. This was very expensive, but now we have the last sector of Hymir and with it the whole province including that important deposit which will accelerate our stone production now to 5 times of the previous speed.

We can send out the scout again.

I quickly use all remaining forge points. Tomorrow morning we will collect another 50 Bronze Age goods as all our good productions now have the required deposits.

I could not complete the daily challenges as 3 battles were required. It would have been so simple to just fight and that would have solved our problem with goods so easily, but I promised to demonstrate that it is possible to play the game without fighting. But the we also fail in the daily challenges.

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