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FoEhints: Straight Tips for Beginners in Forge of Empires


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Straight tips for beginners

In the very beginning I like to move my town hall. That helps me to see everything and to use the space more efficiently. My motto is: As few streets as possible. Unfortunately that motivates many players to place many decorations as these do not need a connection to a street. You can fill gaps with it sooo easily. But that is not a good idea. To enable your city to take the best advantage of other players help tiny buildings and decorations should be eliminated. Cultural buildings are much better to keep your people's happiness above 120%. Just delete all decorations at the beginning. Also replace the initial small cultural buildings as soon as possible.

Buying diamonds can make many things much easier and speed up your success. But this channel demonstrates how to succeed without buying diamonds. As a result you should be very mean with the few diamonds you get through normal gameplay. Never spend them for laziness, research, forge points or building space. The best use for your diamonds is to buy the last missing blue print for a legendary building you want to start. That reduces the time to wait significantly.

As soon as you start fighting, it is an advantage to know which units were produced in military buildings and which are unattached. You will prefer to use unattached units for your city defence and those from military buildings for your attacks. You find the appropriate option in 'Settings'.

As soon as you developed the fruit farm a mini game will be enabled: the treasure hunt. That is an excellent offer for those playing a lot. If you have the possibility to access your computer several times during the day, you can receive serious rewards like blue prints, unattached units and forge points. It is absolutely worth to do that!

Collecting your coins and supplies regularily you can do with a single click and moving the mouse pointer over all relevant buildings. That is much faster than single clicks on individual buildings.

You can replace houses directly. It is not necessary to remove one house before you build a new one. Replace your houses by chalets as soon as possible. With these it is much easier to provide the population needed on that limited building space. These chalets are your only house type until iron age. Then you replace them by cottages. These will last for quite a while.

With these hints you will reach iron age within a few days and have the best preparation for everything that comes next. Have fun!

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