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FoEhints: The Antiques Dealer in Forge of Empires


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The Antiques Dealer in Forge of Empires

On the outskirts of your city, just next to your Friend's Tavern, you will soon see a brand new collection of tents which house the Antiques Dealer and his auction house. It started on the Beta Server already and will be soon available in the player worlds.

The Antiques Dealer buy items of your inventory which have succumbed to the dust of ages past. InnoGames says that the Antiques Dealer loves to collect artifacts from Forge's history, and will pay a pretty penny for the rarest finds! The Antiques Dealer becomes available when you unlock the technology Economics in the tech tree, a technology of the Early Middle Ages.

When you enter the Antiques dealer you will first see his offers. Of course he wants to sell to you. Many of his items you know already from previous events. The Sakura Rock upgrade for example kit could be an object becoming interesting for many players. The offered items change every 12 hours.

But before you can buy it, you first need the two currencies the Antiques dealer accepts: Trade Coins and Gemstones.

Beside the shop there always is an auction. If you are willing to offer more than the previous bidder, you can place your bid. The number of trade coins will be substracted from your inventory immediately. In case someone else bids more than you, they will be returned to you, else you will receive the desired item when the auction ends.

You can earn both, Trade Coins and Gemstones by selling items from your inventory. On the right side you see a hand. Click on it and you come to the room where the Antiques dealer buys from his clients. Select an item from your inventory that you no longer need and sell it to the Antiques Dealer. The Antiques Dealer will show you how many Trade Coins he will be willing to pay for that item. More valuable items will also provide you with a chance to earn rare and coveted Gemstones. You can increase the output of your exchange by taking more time to barter with the dealer, or accept a lower output to quickly earn your Trade Coins and Gemstones! Choose from 2, 8 or 24 hours to breakdown your items. I highly recommend to not be inpatient, especially in the beginning of that new feature. Better decide for the 24 hour option and receive the best price for your item. Never forget that this game will still take very long.

You can also boost your output from the breakdown with Diamonds! This provides you the highest prices immediately. But you pay for that advantage with diamonds. Think twice if being inpatient is really worth that.

I click on the plus sign at the top and chose a Sacred Skywatch that I won in the guild expedition. Initially I only can offer one item at a time. After you sold the first 10 items, a second slot will become available and even more later on. The more you use the feature, the more efficient your breakdowns can be!

To be able to make this video as soon as possible, I decided the shortest 2 hour duration for my first breakdown. You see how the price would change based on different time spans. I pressed 'Barter' and returned 2 hours later to collect my Trade Coins and Gemstones.

Instead of entering the Antiques Dealer for selling items, you can also open your inventory. Instead of the former 'delete from inventory' button you now find the exchange button which brings you to the same room of the Antiques dealer. What a great use for all my Faces of the Ancient and Gates of the Sun God. In the future I will be happy to receive these in the guild expedition. They now can bring me Trade Coins and Gemstones.

If you change you mind, you can click cancel up to the point the timer runs out! Doing so will return the item to your inventory, so don't worry, you wont lose anything (except time) if you change your mind.

This is a great new feature, much better than the theater that once was planned to be in that location. We will all be happy to visit the Antiques Dealer soon.

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