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FoEhints: Viking Strategy in Forge of Empires


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This video wants to demonstrate how to complete the viking outpost relaxed and without diamonds within the time limit to receive all possible rewards. I mainly use 8 hour productions as I believe that you cannot work with the 4 hour productions long as it would be stress.

Of course you start with the requested 3 shacks, 5 runestones and the axe smith. Then let it produce a bit.

The start can be very different every time. Sometimes you will have more obstacles, sometimes less. This only depends on luck.

Important: Even with the worst starting situation you can follow this strategy absolutely relaxed. Do not pay too much attention to the questline as it is more distracting than supporting.

There is only one important goal: To release the building types produce 938 goods within 16 days, for advanced viking outposts even faster. The required goods will be different every time. One village needs more wool, but less axes. Others need extremely more mead. Every new village is a new challenge. One fact should be clear: 938 goods to release the buildings are 37.5 day productions based on 2 productions of 8 hours plus 1 production of 4 hours every day. Those who cannot log in that often should ignore the extra reward. Yggdrasil will be rewarded independent of how long it might take.

Releasing the shrine always requires 10 axes. The mead brewery always needs 34 axes. Afterwards all prices are split randomly on the goods which are already available at that point. The total of all goods is always 938.

The highest priority has the purchase of the expansions. It is important to strengthen your productions. 37.5 day productions in 16 days means to have 2.5 active productions. As we start with 0 we have to compensate for the weaker start later.

To generate a good stock of copper coins we mainly need space for buildings. Therefore different to others I recommend to buy 3 expansions with axes in the very beginning. Later buy 2 expansions with each new type of goods.

Start your city when you have time for the game. In the beginning, until you have a decent stock of copper coins, you will have to use 4 hour productions. Once you have enough copper coins the game will be much more relaxing. From now on you will only need to login in once in the morning, once late afternoon and once late evening to keep the 8-8-4 rhythm up.

The quests complete themselves without requiring special attention. Until you have to release the clan house diplomacy isn't a problem.

When you reach the point to release the clan house you have to use a trick. Demolish the streets and build runestones. This provides enough diplomacy to release the building. Then demolish all runestones again and rebuild the streets. Trying to find a more elegant way to do this always brought a risk to achieve the deadline.

In the end you should be focused on 1 single goal: Produce all goods needed for all remaining releases of buildings. The demolish all good production buildings and those which produce copper coins. Use the space to increase the diplomacy to release all remaining buildings and finally to 1,200 for the final quest. When this final quest is active it is enough to have these 1,200 diplomacy for just one moment. Afterwards you can demolish all buildings providing diplomacy which then provides the space for the required 6 production buildings. And the construction site for these is already enough to complete the final quest.

The video shows the 4th viking outpost. The deadline was a bit more than 14 days. This was possible with this relaxing strategy. In the end it was a bit close as I missed a couple of productions in the middle. Sometimes there are more important things than a game.

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