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FoEhints: Vikings Part 10: The Final in Forge of Empires


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During the past 3 weeks we developed a new viking town and you were able to follow this process in 9 videos. This happened completely without spending diamonds. In this 10th video our goal is to complete both, the city and the questline.

Remember from the previous video that we no longer look on the next goal only, but sum up all resources needed to complete all remaining quests and enable all remaining buildings, so that we will receive the grand prize plus the runestone fragments on top.

We follow that exclamation mark above the viking boat to get to our outpost, as this is a signal that there is something to do for us.

The second last building type, the Old Willow requires us to have 163 axes. We already started in the previous video to concentrate our production on this. 2 days and 17 hours before the deadline for the additional reward we achieved this by only 50%. But with each 4 hours production cycle we make progress and due to the many axe smiths very fast.

Finally we have the required 163 axes. The next activity we already know from many videos before. Demolishing streets, replace by runestones, and enabling the new building type with that improved diplomacy value.

We have to demolish a market to replace it with the Old Willow. This new building requires a bit less space, but provides exactly the same diplomacy as the market. It does not ask for a connection to streets and doesn't need population. On the other side, it doesn't deliver copper coins.

With that Old Willow the 17th quest is completed. It is not a surprise that the next quest wants us to build a Mead Hall. We still need some more axes and a lot of mead to do that. Therefore we reduce the number of axe smiths and construct some mead breweries. As I am traveling on that specific Saturday, I reconstruct the city in the app to avoid losing production time. Usually I prefer to make bigger changes on a big pc screen and I only use the app to collect and restart productions. We will soon have 4 mead breweries, quickly bringing us closer to our next goal.

1 day and 16 hours before the deadline we still need 3 productions of an axe smith and 80 mead. On the other side the breweries deliver 20 mead every 4 hours. As long as the final quest will not contain a bad surprise, we should be able to complete the questline in time. When I go to bed in the evening, only 40 mead are missing. All productions are running and we also have enough copper coins. Therefore I decided to replace two combinations of clan totem and shrine by an Old Willow each. Then I replace 3 shrines by 2 Old Willows. This should provide a lot more diplomacy.

On that Sunday morning one last production cycle is missing for axes and mead to complete everything.

After collecting the productions all required resources are complete. These many Old Willows increased our diplomacy value so much that we do not have to replace streets by shrines again.

The production buildings completed their job and get demolished. This creates the required space for the mead hall. Building this completes the second last quest. I am very excited to see the final quest of that long quest line. What can come next? 1,200 diplomacy plus 5 production buildings is the final task. We can do that absolutely relaxed. The Mead Hall will provide most of the diplomacy that we still need. As the building time is 8 hours we also can plan everything else for that moment. We build axe smiths, as these buildings are tiny and we have more than sufficient population. The axe smiths will already be completed after one hour.

I start the construction of another Old Willow.

After 8 hours construction time, on Sunday afternoon, 17 hours before the deadline, the mead hall and the Old Willow are completed. 12 diplomacy are missing. We get these by 2 runestones. That is not perfect, but efficient. After one minute building time this is done. The final quest is completed. A click on 'Collect' brings this to an end. One last view on the outpost that we constructed through the past 3 weeks. The displayed rewards, Yggdrasil level 1 and 9 runestone fragments make it easier for us to say good bye. Back in the main city we receive the achievement 'Friend of the Vikings'. Now we can start the next Viking city. For this we then will not get an Yggdrasil upgrade, but an emissary and the necessary slot for the town hall to add that emissary.

This little video series has proven: Completing the quest line within the 21 days target is possible without spending diamonds. My one activity in the night wasn't necessary. There is still room for improvement. It was also my first attempt. But you should be able to log in at least 4 times every day if you want to meet the deadline for all extra rewards. Those who are happy with the main reward can take as much time as they want. You would even receive it after several months. No time pressure caused by that new feature!

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