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FoEhints: Vikings Part 4: Huts in Forge of Empires


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Vikings Part 4: Huts in Forge of Empires

In Part 3 we started the Mead Brewery. Now it is the goal to have enough diplomacy and resources to build Huts. This requires some more production cycles. We collect the productions every 4 hours and restart the productions of the Axe Smith and the Mead Brewery. This is exactly the same as during the days before. Therefore I just let it run very fast.

Finally we received 14 mead from 3 production cycles, enough to buy another expansion. The area in front of our embassy doesn't have obstacles and this makes me to decide for it. We use this new area for more huts and shrines to receive more copper coins.

We fill runestones in all gaps between the buildings and this way we reach the requested diplomacy value to complete the current quest. The next task is to construct two Huts.

Again we have to collect and restart some more production cycles. Sometimes I use the app instead of my pc. Else I wouldn't be able to collect exactly every 4 hours.

Finally we have the required 59 axes and 9 mead in the inventory and we can enable the new building type Hut.

It isn't easy to find a location for such a 3x3 building. Two shacks have to be demolished before the first Hut is constructed.

After one hour construction time the Hut provides enough population so that we can demolish another 2 shacks. There we can construct another Hut to complete the current quest.

The Vikings are afraid of wild animals. Who would have assumed that. We can help by either increasing diplomacy or having more axes. We have to produce more. As the new Hut provides more population we can replace two shacks by shrines as these produce more copper coins. Reconstructing the city a bit allows us to replace runestones by a shrine. Slowly our little city gets a structure.

It is always useful to check the city again. Often we can find another situation where we can add a shack or shrine. Each single building helps as we are always short on copper coins.

From the next production cycles we get another 27 mead for the next expansion. We decode for that nice area behind the embassy and move the embassy on it. This creates enough space to construct a second mead brewery there. As we will need a lot of mead this will speed up our development significantly.

To have enough population we have to demolish one shrine again. The axe smith and the 2 mead breweries consume 300 copper coins every 4 hours. We produce an average of 258 copper coins, as the Huts only deliver every 8 hours. Our current stock of copper coins is shrinking. We have to pay attention on this. At the moment our priority is to develop continuously. And how this story will continue, you will then be able to watch in part 5 of this little Viking video series.

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