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FoEhints: Vikings Part 5: Beast Hunter in Forge of Empires


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Vikings Part 5: Beast Hunter in Forge of Empires

In part 4 we constructed Huts and the next big goal is the Beast Hunter. We have to keep up our productions to achieve that. To be able to enable that building type in the embassy we need more diplomacy, 11 axes and 79 mead. We have already 2 mead breweries, but this will still take long. I manage to collect from 4 to 5 productions every day. On the night I also use 4 hour productions only, ignoring that there is much more room left. This wastes a bit time, but longer productions are more expensive and I am always short on copper coins. Ambitious players already made much more progress. But for me my sleep is important and I believe that my way to play this is similar to what most players will do.

The 40 axes for completing the current quest are a side effect of our production. We still will need many more axes. Now we have the official task to build the Beast Hunter. We are already very close to that. Only one more production cycle would be missing to have everything complete. But then I decide to first buy another expansion as the Beast Hunter also ill require space. Until then we use the additional space to produce some more copper coins.

Now we achieved a comfortable situation. We are producing enough copper coins to keep all productions running. By this we make good progress and every 4 hours with each production cycle we get a bit closer to our next goal.

Finally there is only a little bit diplomacy missing to complete the quest. This should be possible with 2 runestones. As we don't have space to build more runestones, a little bit of the street must be demolished. Runestones only need very little time, one minute, to be built. As soon as these runestones are completed, we can enable the new building type beast hunter in the embassy. Then we demolish these two runestones and reconnect the buildings to the street.

To construct a Beast Hunter we have to demolish 2 shrines. Then the quest is completed. We reache another milestone of the questline and receive 50 goods of the main city's current age, 10 of each. We completed half of the questline in 8 days. We shall see if the second 10 quests will also be completed that fast.

The next task requires 375 diplomacy or 50 horns from the Beast Hunter. I am happy about the opportunity to demonstrate what Ragnar suggested below the German Vikings Part 3 video: replace all streets by runestones to complete the task.

Building the runestones only takes a minute. From a game mechanics point of view it is not a problem that we waste some coins and supplies for runestones that we only need for a few seconds.

Players with a roleplaying perspective might see this as a bad habit. For those I have this explanation: near my house nearly the same happens every year. The street is blocked by booths selling Christmas decoration, gifts and food. Those who want to move now, will not even get an approval for the lorry. For a celebration of the Vikings we don't build booths, but runestones instead.

As soon as the runestones are constructed, the quest is completed. We immediately demolish all runestones and rebuild the streets to enable all productions again.

In part 6 of this little Viking video series we will focus on building clan totems.

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