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FoEhints: Vikings Part 9: Clan House in Forge of Empires


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Vikings Part 9: Clan House in Forge of Empires

Using the wool farms, that we constructed in part 8, we now give priority to the wool production to develop then new building type Clan House next. This requires the huge amount of 159 wool. 3 wool farms are definitely not too many as we only have 5 days left from the start of this video until the deadline for the best reward.

I use each possible production interval and only miss one possibility in the night. Due to the construction time of the new buildings we have different moments for the completion of the various productions. This requires another login every 4 hours. But I am currently under the impression that I have to speed up a bit to be able to meet the goal.

Beside the wool production and the axe smith we still have a beast hunter. That building will produce until we have enough horn for the very last building. From now on I do not only focus on the next building but I sum up everything that we will need until the end of the quest line. For this we urgently need the axe smith. But when we run out of copper coins we demolish the axe smith. A market will produce some more copper coins and improve our diplomacy value.

All 3 wool farms are producing without interruption but it still takes very long. And the time is running against us. Of course we will receive exactly the same grand prize if we need longer than 21 days. But meeting that goal will reward us with these runestone fragments, that we definitely want to have on top.

Even after having all 159 wool all 3 wool farms continue their work as the second next building again requires 66 wool.

We still need more diplomacy, which we gain in the usual way by replacing the streets by runestones. Then we can enable that new building type and remove all runestones. Before we reconstruct all streets again, we use that space to move a shrine and a hut. We demolish a shack and then we have the space that we need for our first Clan House. We connect it to a street and complete quest 16.

Now I recognize that I did not notice something important before. The plan was to leave two wool farms disconnected from the streets until the Clan House construction was completed and we could demolish a hut to gain the space for the streets again.

To my surprise I had to recognize that the Clan House does not only have a one hour construction time, but 8 hours instead. I don't want to interrupt the production that long. Therefore I demolish a shrine and a clan totem and demolish one of the 3 wool farms. Then all buildings can get a street connection again. This is important as we must not waste time. We only have 4 days left until the deadline. The empty space is filled with shrines as we never have too much diplomacy or copper coins.

In the evening the clan house is completed. It's copper coins will nit help much as it's one day production cycle will not complete very often. But the huge population allows us to replace all shacks by shrines. This makes this building so very interesting that we construct a second over night.

These many shrines now allow us to increase our stock of coins significantly.

We still have to produce a lot of axes and other resources to move forward. We only have 3 days left to release two more building types and to complete the final 3 quests. Will we succeed to complete all that within that 21 days deadline? More about that will be told in the 10th part of this little viking videos series.

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