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How to make MINERAL MIXTURE for cows, buffaloes, goat and sheep at home. Mineral Mixture Formula


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• Minerals are essential part of livestock and poultry nutrition. Although they are required in small amount but their requirement is not less important than other nutrients.
• Most of the farmers buy these minerals in the form of premixed blends known as mineral mixture. Most of these products also contains additional vitamins, which may or may not be present as per requirement of animals.
• This mineral mixture is added at various levels in each feed, or a separate one is used for each different feed.
• In India mineral mixture market very large and hundreds of brands are available. On the basis of requirements minerals are divided into 2 parts. One is macro mineral and other are micro or trace minerals.
• In macro minerals Calcium and Phosphorus are most important and in trace minerals 6 minerals are usually considered important from supplementation point of view.
• In general, it is advisable to buy vitamin and mineral premixes separately, it is because certain minerals tend to destroy certain vitamins when in close contact. Thus, if the trace mineral premix is bought as a separate entity, it merits considering mixing it a home, because with enough volume savings can be significant.

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