I'm A Pirate!?!?!? (Spirit Halloween costumes and Starlight cosplay try on)


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Welcome to the THIRD episode of "Salad Dressing"! This is a vlog where I open up, try on and review cosplay costumes and packages from fans, plus any new clothes and costumes that I buy for the reviews. In this one, I open and try on a couple different costumes from Spirit Halloween that I've since used in my reviews, and open my SECOND SEASON Starlight cosplay, which I haven't used yet and you haven't seen me wearing in a review yet!

To see the most recent 3 of these vlogs early, including my Pennywise from IT cosplay, velma and scooby. medieval costume and more, they are already on the $5 tier of patreon.com/asepresents! You can also check out the much more nsfw-er cut of these videos on my spicy sites found here- https://linktr.ee/titsmintsalad or subscribe to the channel and simply wait each week for a new costume try on/haul vlog! Thanks for watching :)

Music by: Mint Salad
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Directed by: Mint Salad

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