Is Matter Around Us Pure | Mixtures Examples | Class 9 Science | Chemistry


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Is Matter Around Us Pure | Mixtures Examples | CBSE Class 9 Science | Chemistry

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Hello students, here we are going to study very interesting and important topic as Mixtures and its examples form chapter 2, Is matter around us pure? from CBSE Class 9 Science.

Matter can be in the form of three types as,

1. Elements
2. Compounds
3. Mixtures

Properties of a mixture are similar to the properties of its constituents.
In the compound, particles of different constituents form molecules in which atoms are chemically bound.

In mixtures particles of constituents, only exist together.
There is no chemical bonding there.
No new molecules are formed.

Is Matter Around Us Pure?
Almost everything that we see around is matter. However, the question that arises here is whether the matter around us is pure or not?
Moreover, How can we define the term purity?

Many times we would have also come across sentences like, “water is pure” or “the milk used in making this tea is pure.” But is it correct to say this? Or what is the basis for saying that a substance is pure?

Can we say any substance is pure if it is smooth or soft or it is white?

What is a Mixture?
Is the matter around us pure? Technically, no.

The matter is a combination of two or more pure forms of matter.
The air that we breathe is a mixture. It contains oxygen, nitrogen and other trace gases.
Here, no chemical reaction takes places and the components of the mixture retain its chemical identity.

Another aspect is that a mixture takes on physical properties that vary from all the other components in the mixture.

For instance, when water and alcohol are mixed together, it may have boiling points that are very different from either of the two.

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