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Is Matter Around Us Pure | Separation Of Mixtures | Chromatography | Class 9 Science


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Is Matter Around Us Pure | Separation Of Mixtures | Chromatography | CBSE Class 9 Science

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Here in this video, we are going to learn, one of the important techniques to separate the constituents of the mixtures from a chapter named Is matter around us pure of CBSE class 9 science.

The various constituents of a mixture have different physical properties such as density, solubility, size of particles, behavior towards the magnet, volatility, boiling point, etc. The difference in the physical properties of constituents is used to separate them from a mixture.

The various physical process which is used to separate the constituents of the mixtures is sublimation, separation by a magnet, filtration, centrifugation, evaporation, crystallization, chromatography, distillation, fractional distillation, separating funnel.

What is Chromatography?
Chromatography is the technique used for the separation of those solutes that dissolve in the same solvent.
This method is used to separate two or more dissolved solids that are present in a solution in very small quantities.

Principle of Chromatography:
This method of separation is based on the fact that though two substances are dissolved in the same solvent, but their solubilities can be different. The component which is more soluble in rises faster and gets separated from the mixture.

Applications of Chromatography:
To separate colors in a dye by paper chromatography.
To separate drugs from the blood.

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