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जगातल्या प्रत्येक मर्सेडीजमध्ये या मराठी उद्योजकांच उत्पादन आहे Bharat Forge Owners Kalyani Group


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Story of Baba Kalyani and Bharat Forge Group...
बाबा कल्याणी हे भारत फोर्ज ह्या कंपनीचे संचालक आहेत..आज भारत फोर्ज फोर्जिंग उत्पादन करणारी जगातील दूसरी मोठा कंपनी आहे.त्या कंपनीच्या निर्मितीची मजेदार कथा...
Bharat Forge Limited (BFL) is a Indian multinational company involved in Automotives, power sector, oil and gas, construction & mining, locomotive, marine and aerospace industries.
The company was founded by Nilkanthrao kalyani in 1961. The current chairman of the company is his son, Baba kalyani. Kalyani group is a USD $5 billion industry with 10,000 global work force.
The company has made a strong entry into the defence and aerospace sectors and is moving from components manufacturer to a complete product maker.
Bharat Forge has signed a joint venture with France-based power generation company for turbines and generators. It was rated as one of the best companies in Asia by Forbes magazine because of its high growth rate.
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