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Medical Devices and Data: Protecting Patients and Their PHI


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Technology has profoundly advanced health care—particularly in the area of medical devices and patient data, which have evolved into complex computerized systems that house patient data and are connected to hospital networks, other medical devices, and the Internet. With this increased connectivity comes increased vulnerability to a host of cyber threats. These threats create new risks for patients and new liabilities for medical device makers and health care institutions and companies.

Please join Mayer Brown lawyers as they discuss the cyber threats and trends affecting medical devices and the health care sector generally and the role of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Topics will include:

FDA requirements and best practices for medical device cybersecurity
Remediating and reporting cybersecurity violations to FDA
HIPAA cybersecurity requirements, risk analysis, and enforcement trends
Best practices for companies under government investigation
Recent developments in private suits based on HIPAA violations
Predictions for enforcement under the Trump administration

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