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Make a free Insta website on your phone in minutes! Download the Milkshake App to make a fun, easy and beautiful Insta website:

Turn your 'link in bio' into a beautiful Insta website to centralise and connect your followers to all your content to say more, sell more and share more. After all, YOLO - You Only Link Once!

You can use an Insta website to…
- Introduce yourself and what makes you amazing
- Share your services, products, passion projects, promotions, testimonials & social profiles
- Keep your followers up to date on latest blog posts, podcast episodes, ebooks & resources
- Promote your YouTube videos and channel to turn your followers into subscribers
- Recommend your top picks, fave buys, must-dos & must-haves
- Highlight your latest and greatest work
- Launch your new business venture
- Receive new bookings and clients
+ more coming your way!

Time to show the world what you’re made of.
Download the Free Milkshake App to get started!

Download the free iOS Milkshake App:
Download the free Android Milkshake App:

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