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Description: The Forge brings a brand-new core to MOTIV’s arsenal, the Detonator Core (2.47 RG/.055 DIFF). The Forge has a modified version of the Coercion Coverstock that is used in the Jackal series, called Coercion HFS. The all NEW logo brings some nice shelf appeal to the ball as well!

Reaction: There is no doubt that the Revolt series was very popular, but the Forge will be taking its place in the Medium-Heavy oil row on MOTIV’s Ball Guide ( I am surprised, but so far, I have been able to successfully use this on fresh house patterns. It has allowed me to move into the thickest part of the lane without being in an asymmetrical core and really blend out the very wet/dry house patterns, which has really opened the lane up because it never loses continuation. Once the Forge lost a little bit of it’s box cover and had some lane shine it started to look even better on league conditions. I felt like when I got into a Revolt Havoc it was too early and too slow for house patterns and I felt the same about the Forza SS and original Forza, the Forge just continues so much better than those pieces.

Comparisons: I compared the Forge to the Villain and the Rogue Blade, comparing to older balls as described above just doesn’t make any sense when it’s a significantly better piece designed for modern conditions. The Villain forced me deeper on the fresh house pattern and I feel has more shape down lane than the Forge, those that want to use more friction on the house pattern will veer towards the Villain, while those who wanted to use that unlimited hold on the house pattern will want to use the Forge. The Rogue Blade is significantly cleaner and has more shape down lane than the Forge. The Rogue Blade would be a good compliment to the Forge when it’s too soon or too smooth.

Summary: Well, there are no tricks to this ball, you know exactly what you’re getting. An earlier rolling ball with amazing continuation. It is designed for when you want the ball to start sooner and maintain control and a lot of continuation. The is MOTIV’s strongest symmetrical release to date!

Mike Magolan
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Date Added: 2020-12-18

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