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Description: The Forge Flare is the 3rd Forge created by MOTIV. The first was a solid, followed by a hybrid and now another solid. It continues to use the same Detonator Core in all 3 of them. The cover used on the latest installment is the new Coercion MXC Solid Reactive Coverstock. It’s also the 2nd release utilizing 3 colors, which gives it some great shelf appeal. I feel MOTIV has been doing a great job on the aesthetics of the balls lately!

Reaction: I used the original Forge quite frequently on challenging or sport patterns; for me there are better options out there for house conditions. However, the Forge Flare presents something different than the original, as it just flat out hooks more than anything we have. That being said, it still may not be something I personally use on house patterns, but because of how strong and early the Forge Flare is, there are plenty of bowlers out there that always seek the next big hooking ball. I will say this one will lap the field with a lot of other balls out there in terms of total hook. Most will agree when you get into the biggest hooking pieces, they hook so soon and sometimes present the problem that they don’t ever appear to hook again after hooking in the front. This one hooks, hooks again and hooks some more. It’s really nice to have a ball in your arsenal where you feel you’ll always have enough hook when needed. I will also say after having this ball for a month that the surface didn’t wear down quickly; it is taking a long time for it to lane shine. Until you throw this one, you won’t understand how a ball this strong, with that much surface, can continue so much. Once you do though, you will see just how much it’s capable of hooking.

Comparisons: Comparing this ball against the original Forge isn’t even a fair comparison. The Forge Flare outhooks it probably 7+ boards; the Forge Flare is earlier, wants to continue more and is clearly much stronger. The Forge Fire compliments the new Forge Flare, as they are opposites in terms of shape. The Forge Flare would be something you’d like more on a fresh or heavier pattern, with the Forge Fire being a better ball to transition to when you need more length or more shape down lane.

Summary: Those looking to buy hook, look no further. It seems to be pretty driller friendly so far in watching several throw it with many different layouts. You won’t have to pay the high performance price point either as it comes in at just under the top price point in bowling balls. For most, it will be strong, very strong and a very smooth piece when you are seeking some control.

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