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Motiv Forge Flare bowling ball review


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Featuring the Detonator core, and the new Coercion MXC Solid Reactive cover, The Forge™ Flare provides unparalleled traction in the oil with great continuation.
Designed for use on medium and heavy oil conditions, the Forge Flare is a fast revving, strong, and continuous bowling ball with massive track flare potential.

I tested this ball on our typical house shot pattern. I started laying the ball down inside the second arrow and getting it out to seven at the breakpoint. The Forge Flare has a strong and early roll with a smooth and continuous downlane motion.

The Forge Flare allowed me to keep the pocket in front of me with great results. The strong midlane read along with the smooth and predictable backend motion provided by this ball, allowed me to have enough room to miss either outside and inside.

Misses outside were more forgiving than I thought. Surprisingly this ball stores enough energy to make its move to the pocket when I missed outside my mark. Misses inside were forgiving as well, the Forge Flare provides enough traction through the oil to not miss the breakpoint while providing enough hold to hit the pocket. I only had to be careful keeping my speed. When I slowed down, the ball hooked too early due to the STRONG coverstock.

The Forge Flare will be great ball to control the breakpoint on tougher oil conditions, a great piece to use on short oil patterns and a great option to play from different angles on fresh oil. Once the Forge Flare is hooking too early or losing too much energy, then I can go to the Forge Fire if I want to have a similar shape, with more length and a stronger downlane motion.

On a house shot, this ball will be a great option to blend the pattern and fight wet/dry conditions. The Forge Flare will be a great weapon for the tournament bowler. When you need to control the breakpoint and when you need a smoother motion down the lane, The Forge Flare will be the ball to go. This ball is best suited for medium and heavy oil patterns, the combination of core and coverstock makes it one of the most aggressive balls Motiv has ever produced.

Whether you are a league bowler or a tournament bowler, The Forge Flare is definitely a ball worth having in your bag.

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