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PHI Episode 35: Injury & Violence Prevention


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In this episode of Public Health Impact produced by the University of Georgia College of Public Health, we focus on injury and violence prevention. Dr. Phaedra Corso, host of PHI, is interviewed for her research and expertise in this area.

Others interviewed include Dr. Pamela Orpinas, UGA Health Promotion and Behavior, on youth violence prevention and dating violence; Dr. Jody Clay-Warner, UGA Sociology, on sexual assault and violence and society's response; Dr. Deb Houry, Emory Center for Injury Control at Emory University School of Medicine, discusses her center and the funding and interdisciplinary approach used to help researchers in this field; and Dr. Carol Cotton, UGA Health Promotion and Behavior, discusses the Traffic Safety Research and Evaluation Group and unintentional injuries.

Websites for more information:
The Traffic Safety Research and Evaluation Group
Dr. Carol Cotton leads the Traffic Safety Research and Evaluation Group (TSREG) which consists of a working group of scholars and practitioners dedicated to reducing the morbidity and mortality caused by highway traffic crashes. This is completed through interdisciplinary research identifying effective program strategies and best practices for highway safety planning. More information:

Youth Violence Prevention Group
The Youth Violence Prevention Group conducts research on the study and prevention of school violence and bullying and the promotion of positive, caring school environments. More information:

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