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Potting Soil Mixture for Indoor Plants : Make Your Own!


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Potting soils mixtures do not have to be complicated. I am attempting to demystify indoor potting soils in this video by showing you the mixture that has been working for the majority of my plants. We should create soils for our plants that also meets our watering habits in addition to the needs of our plants.
If you tend to water less often, add more water retention materials like coco coir, or peat moss.
If you water more frequently, add more material to aid in good drainage.
If you do use coco coir, be sure that you buy from a reliable source as some have high salts do to the palm trees growing near salt water.
Spring is coming and we are all thinking about repotting, transplanting, and potting our cuttings. For those of you that are new to indoor plants and feel overwhelmed by the choices of potting soils out there, I hope that this video gives you a little clarity!

Here is the breakdown for most non succulent plants:

60 percent peat moss, or coco coir

40 percent pumice, or perlite and organic matter like worm castings

If you are a heavy waterer, then go higher on the 40%
If you are a light waterer go less on the 40%

For succulents I use
One part prepackaged potting soil, or my own mixture
One part pumice, perlite or coarse sand

Coco coir- Triumph Plant Coco Coir Bricks - A Natural Additive to Potting Soil for Potted Plants & Gardens- Coconut Coir is a Sustainable Alternative to Peat Moss - Average Brick Size is 10 oz - 10 Bricks

Pumice - look for smaller sizes as these grains might be too large for some mixtures

1/4" Pumice Bonsai and Succulent Soil Amendment Half Cubic Foot/3.7 Gallon (PM5)

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