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Pure Substances and Mixtures | Is matter around us pure? | Chemistry | Class 9


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Have you heard your parents speak of pure and impure water? Do you know what that means? In this chapter, we will tell you more about it! Here, we will cover the concepts of pure substances. You will get detailed information about the types of pure substances and their properties. This is a very interesting concept and an important one from the exam point of view.
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Types of Substances
Substances are basically classified into two types. They are:

Pure Substance: The substances that are free from any kind of mixture and contain only one kind of particle are pure substances. Examples of pure substances include iron, aluminum, silver, and gold.
Mixtures: Substances that have two or more different particles are mixtures. Examples of mixture include the salt solution which is a ‘mixture’ of two components, salt, and water.
Let us learn more about it in this video.

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