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RUSH Kappa Phi Lambda at Northwestern University


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In the Fall of 2002, five women--Sarah Yun, Jennifer So, Charmaine Wong, Alice Lin, and Michelle Lee--set out to reach the goal of sisterhood through Kappa Phi Lambda. Realizing the lack of Asian interests and the need to represent Asian women at Northwestern University, these five women were determined to establish a new and unique organization. They wanted to promote a deeper understanding for pan-Asian culture, contribute to the community, and build a bond of sisterhood that would survive on campus for eternity. Although they faced many hardships and difficulties, this diverse group of women learned to love one another and work together through their strengths and weaknesses. The colony of Kappa Phi Lambda was chartered at Northwestern University on November 23, 2002. Since then, Kappa Phi Lambda has continued to grow on campus and in less than two years, expanded in size and gained chapter status. Kappa Phi Lambda has also helped to establish and earn recognition from the Northwestern Multicultural Greek Council (MGC).

Embracing the values of sisterhood, community service, cultural diversity, and academic excellence, Kappa Phi Lambda has created a legacy of strong women at Northwestern who have succeeded in becoming leaders on and off campus. They hope to instill these values at Northwestern University for generations to come. Kappa Phi Lambda exists to promote diversity and service, and to develop everlasting kinship through compassion, honesty, leadership, and strength.

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