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Science | Grade 5 | Mixtures | Part (3/3) | Unit Two - Lesson One


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In This part we will study :
3. Formation of mixtures:
1- Shaking 2- Stirring 3- Grinding
4. Separation of mixtures:
Components of the mixture don't react together, so they can be separated easily by simple methods such as :
Type of mixture Method
Solid mixtures containing magnetic substance. 1 – Magnetic attraction
Solid materials that are insoluble in water 2 – Filtration process
Solid materials that soluble in water. 3 – Evaporation process
Device used to separate heterogeneous liquid mixtures. 4 –Separating funnel

لينك تحميل الملزمة :
Grade 5 - unit Two - lesson One - First Term 2020

تم شرح هذا الدرس في (3) فيديوهات شاهدها بالترتيب
(Part (1/3
(Part (2/3
(Part (3/3 تشاهده الان

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