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Hello! Welcome back to the Lim Haus. Sorry that it took us awhile for this update but thank you so much for your tremendous support for our first Home Tour video. We were blown away by your support through your likes, comments and DMs. And, if you've subscribed to us, THANK YOU SO MUCH, it means the world to us. ❤️

We hope this episode is what you've been waiting for! About 80% of our home purchases are from Taobao and in this episode, we'll be featuring all our big-ticket purchase from our living area, dining area kitchen, and master bedroom. We hope we didn't miss out any and do refer below for the links for the items!

Furniture mentioned -

Living + Dining Room -
Rattan Shoe Cabinet - 原木色
Entry Way Pendant Light -
Dining Table -
Dining Bench -
Dining Chairs -
Korean “Fireplace” Display Shelves -
Rattan Short Bench -
Bird Cage Plywood Pendant Lights -
Rattan/White Bar Stools -
Matte Gold Kitchen Knobs / Handles -
Island Pendant Lights -
Pendant Light Bracket -
Kivik Sofa Customised Sofa Skin (Colour Code PU-819) -
Faux Olive Tree -

WorkSpace + Wardrobe -
Rattan -
Full-Length Arch Mirror -
Study Table -
Wooden Wall Storage (Peg Board, Shelves, Note Scroll etc) -

Double Vanity Area -
Pendant Lights -
Matte Gold Tap -
Small Arch Mirror -
Small Round Basin -

Master Bedroom -
Master Rattan Bed & Bedside Table -
Pumpkin Light -
Wall Art Pieces -

Master Toilet -
Jade Green Tiles -
Arch Shower Screen -
Matte Gold Rain Shower -
Hooks -
Bamboo Ladder Shelves -

Shops #limhausrecommends -
Dining Table, Chairs, Bench -
Matte Gold (拉丝金) Knobs & Handles Shop -
Tiles Store - Momoo Shop
Matte Gold Shower Fixtures -

Note: It's our first time using this link shortener recommended by a China friend so we are hoping that these links are here to stay (the last time we used to share, it wasn't permanent. If the above links are broken, please feel free to comment and let us know! Thank you.

All our cushions lying around are from

00:00 - Intro
01:11 - Entry Way
02:04 - Dining Room
05:24 - Kitchen
08:00 - Living Room
9:34 - Study Room
12:14 - Double Vanity
13:16 - Master Bedroom
15:40 - Master Bathroom
18:09 - Outro

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