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The 10 BEST Website Builders in 2020


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So what are the best website builders? Squarespace? Wix? Google Sites? It really depends on what your goal is. This video will help you make a purchase decision if you're intent on going with a site builder over WordPress.

My favorites:

Squarespace: The industry leader for website builders. Create a beautiful website your visitors will love. Good SEO, easy to use on the backend for creating a website and feature rich for expanding your website into selling digital products, email marketing and more.

Wix: The best "unstructured" website builder. Wix works in a similar way to Google Sites in that you can drag and drop, edit and move page elements around with ease. They have a lot of templates, but many now are dated. But overall, Wix allows you to easily create a website.

Website builders are a fantastic option for many people. Maybe you just want a beautiful website to blog from and don't care about price. What if you want to start an online store and want the technical details easy? How about you're someone who just wants to create an impressive personal about me website or online portfolio? There is a website builder for that.

In this video, the website builder we take a high level look at are as follows

00:00 - Start
01:11 - Google Sites
02:22 - Squarespace
03:50 - WIX
5:49 - Weebly
7:26 - Godady
9:03 - Carrd
9:55 - Webflow
11:37 - Duda
13:01 - Shopify
14:11 - Format

What's my favorite? Obviously Squarespace is the most advanced but I'm pretty surprised by Carrd. I'll be checking them out more in videos to come.

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