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The 6 Best Website Builders! [2020]


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An overview of the 6 website builders I recommend: Squarespace, Shopify, Webflow, Carrd, Weebly and Wix. Watch until the end to see my pricing comparison.

My work is supported by affiliate commissions— so I may earn a commission from the links in the video description.

00:00 — Introduction
00:41 — Squarespace
02:56 — Shopify
06:22 — Webflow
09:32 — Carrd
10:38 — Weebly
12:13 — Wix
14:00 — Price Comparison
16:14 — Conclusion

Squarespace (0:41) — The best all around website builder— great themes, best-in-class features and an intuitive UI. What I'd recommend for most small websites.

Shopify (2:57) — The best ecommerce builder. If you're building a pure ecommerce website, I highly recommend Shopify.

Webflow (6:22) — The big innovation with Webflow is their Designer tool. It's the first tool to provide the flexibility of front-end coding without requiring you to actually code.

Carrd (9:32) — The best way to make one page websites. Plus it's much, much cheaper than the other website builders on this list.

Weebly (10:38) — Weebly is what I recommend to anyone who doesn't feel tech savvy. It's just really easy to use. Everything feels simple and straightforward.

Wix (12:13) — The most important difference between Wix and other website builders is that it's a blank canvas editor.

Pricing Comparison (14:00) — A breakdown of the cheapest plans for each website builder for one year + a domain name. Note: I do not count paid plans that also include an advertisement on your website— they're just designed to get you to upgrade to a higher priced plan!

Remember: These are not the only website builders you can choose from. In fact you'll find many, many more at Site Builder Report ( But these are the 6 best and I highly recommend each of them.

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