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My Guide To Ecommerce Website Builders:

1. Shopify 97% —
2. WooCommerce 94%—
3. Squarespace 92%—
4. Jumpseller 91%—
5. Ecwid 90%—
6. Prestashop 86%—
7. Big Cartel 84%—
8. Wix Commerce 84%—
9. Americommerce 83%—
10. Supadupa 81%—
11. GoDaddy Online Store 77%—
12. Core Commerce 76%—
13. BigCommerce 76%—
14. Zoey 74%—
15. Magento 73%—
16. Volusion 70%—
17. 3dcart 69%—

There are a lot of of ecomerce website builders you could use to build your ecommerce website: Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, Squarespace and a whole lot more.

So how is anybody supposed to know which one is the best?

Fortunately I have the answer for you. Here’s what I did: I found 944 users of the top 17 ecommerce website builders. I asked each person one simple question: do you recommend the ecommerce website builder that you're currently using?

I used their responses to calculate a customer satisfaction rating.

In this video I go through each ecommerce company and give you a short overview of what I learned from talking to their customers.

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