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It's true. Ask most agencies and they prefer to keep this a secret. The truth is, ANYONE can use Duda for their business or personal website and you do NOT have to be an agency to take advantage of many of the features. I've migrated many customers off of WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace to Duda and it's time I start sharing Duda content with everyone.

In this video, I'll provide a Duda interface overview. Interested in more Duda videos? Then be sure to subscribe! I'll be creating content aligned to website design, SEO, software tools, and more!

Create a Duda account for FREE by following my DIY guide here:

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I will only receive a small commission IF you choose to publish and activate your website so this is a NO RISK, FREE TRIAL service.

Create an account and get started with Duda today!!

???????? If you want to use the same software I use - click the links in this description! They are affiliate links which means I get a commission on whatever you buy.

Easily browse Duda website starter templates here:

Trust me, you want to begin building websites with Duda:

Add a membership system to your Duda website!

REPUSO! What I use to capture and beautifully display customer reviews:

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Amazing add-on widgets for Duda (or any website platform):

Step up your SEO game, big time, with SEMRush!

TermsFeed makes privacy policies, terms and conditions, and more!

Local small business? Maximize your visibility with Brightlocal:

From side-hustle to small business, setup your LLC or INC legally:

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Personalize your emails with video and increase open rates!

This tool helps me create images that increase conversion:

Need to hire a freelancer? Without question, Fiverr ↑ Upwork:

My TOP CHOICE for freelancers! One app to run your side-hustle or freelance business:

What to use if you need to manage your books at a professional level:

Protect your home and family from malware and/or adult content:

Need an added level of privacy and encryption? Use this VPN

Amazing software to support your business at super-low prices:

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PLEASE stop buying things on Amazon by default! Rakuten saves money!


Connect with me on Twitter:

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