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TOP 5 FREE Website Builders for Small Business [2020]


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In this video, I highlight the top 5 free website builders for small business in 2020.

There are hundreds of website builders that you can choose to build a free website and launch your small business online. However, not all of these website builders are ideal for beginners and small businesses.

Therefore, we have put together this easy-to-follow video that breaks down each of our highly recommended free website builders. I also share with you the Pros and Cons of each website builder as well as how you can easily get started with the right website builder for your small business.

►These are the top 5 website builders we cover in this video:
*(Some of these are affiliate links, meaning we will get a commission if you buy through them, this helps support our education-based channel and we thank you in advance!)

1. Wix 01:04
2. Google Sites 02:49
3. Google My Business Website 04:55
4. Weebly 06:56
5. Wordpress 08:25

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions down below about choosing the right website builder for your small business.

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