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UCD Alpha Phi Omega: Fall Rush 2019


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Come out and rush Alpha Phi Omega this fall for Wong Term!

Rush events:
October 10th 7:30-9:30pm Wellman 234: Info Night #1
October 11th 8:00-10:00pm Olson 250: Dog Toys w/ Dogs
October 14th 8:15-10:00pm Wellman 2: Info Night #2
October 15th 8:15-10:00pm Olson 250: Spam Musubi
October 16th 8:15-10:00pm Olson 250: Service Night: Cranes for Cancer
October 17th 8:15-10:00pm Olson 250: Babble the B(r)oba
October 18th 6:00pm MU Flagpole: Initiation *MANDATORY*

We are a co-ed community service fraternity that strives to develop three cardinal principles: leadership, friendship, and service. If you are interested in community service and meeting new people, come out to our events!

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