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BANKRUN NA AMERICKÉ BANKY? ???????????? Update k pádu americkej banky SVB ❌ ...
Celý článok: Patreon: (bonusové materialy) Môj eshop: záujmové hashtagy: #bitcoin #kryptomeny #akcie #investovanie #peniaze #ekonomika ???? Zostrihy pravidelných ranných streamov tu: ❓AKO MA MÔŽETE PODPORIŤ ❓ ---------------------------------------------------- 1) ???? Bežným fiatom cez: Patreon: 2) ❤️ alebo kryptomenami: ✦ QR kódy a adresy pre donate: ⚡ BTC Lightning Network QR kód: LNURL1DP68GURN8GHJ7AMPD3KX2APWWPSHYCTVV4KXU6TSDAKXJUEWVDAZ7MRWW4EXCUP0V9CXJTMKXYHKCMN4WFKZ7VFSXY6QW75TKR ₿ Bitcoin QR kód: bc1qkhctryj5grhjxq9ev7e50y2gmleh9edw2n7mvu Ethereum QR kód: 0x05443f852960845985CA5f9DfC7c1889c810Fa31 Litecoin QR kód: MEP6rVHCFVw5Xs1AUuBRixrfbGkSagnnYr Cardano (ADA): addr1qy4p6q05sdk553rtfqlw53tqwfrt3s3v4cteqx6ssua0awserfh7p7fkcufasxqg47jwcghq0x5w7ca6jdkjcvckv9xqhvxkff ???? Kontakt: zaujaloma(zavinac) ???? Discord kanál - link: ???? Kryptomeny kupujte cez: 1) Binance - link na 20% zľavu v poplatkoch: 2) Coinbase (bonus $10 pri nákupe nad $100): 3) Simplecoin (overená CZ zmenáreň): ???? Bezpečná úschova kryptomien: HW peňaženky Trezor: (odporúčam model T+Shamir Backup) HW peňaženky Ledger: RecoverySeed affiliate link: ✌ Páči sa vám tento obsah? Budem rád, keď ma podporíte :) Zdieľajte videá, povedzte o nich vašim kamarátom. S rastúcim počtom odberateľov budem rásť a zvyšovať kvalitu. Mám mnoho nápadov, ktoré chcem realizovať :) Ďakujem pekne. ⚠️⚠️ ⚠️UPOZORNENIE: Moje videá nie sú investičnou radou. Nie som finančný poradca. Pred investíciou si vždy urobte vlastný prieskum a nikdy neinvestujte viac, než si môžete dovoliť stratiť. Investovanie je rizikové a môže byť stratové. Týka sa to kryptomien, ale aj tradičných finančných inštrumentov. Aktuálne články zo sveta kryptomien: Aktuálne články zo sveta financií: ✦ Facebook: ➡️ ✦ YouTube: ➡️ ✦ Instagram: ➡️ ✦ Hudba ???? Hudba v pozadí od Epidemic Sound: Intro Music: Funk Down (Sting) MK2 (YouTube Audio Library) ### COPYRIGHT NOTICE CLAIMS ### Please if you have any issue with the content used in my channel or you find something that belongs to you, before you claim it to youtube SEND ME A MESSAGE and i will DELETE it right away , I have WORKED REALLY HARD for this channel and i can't start all over again , Thanks for understanding.
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This has never happened in any bank run in history
The #SVBCollapse was very unique as far as bank runs go. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was founded in 1983 by a group of entrepreneurs from the burgeoning Silicon Valley in California. The founders of SVB saw a need for a financial institution that could provide services tailored to the needs of the technology, life science, and venture capital industries. SVB began as a small operation with just two employees, but it quickly grew to become the largest commercial bank focused on technology, life science, and venture capital companies. SVB has since become a major force in the financial services industry, providing venture capital, commercial banking, and international banking services to its clients. SVB's founders recognized that the technology and life science industries were different from traditional industries, and they developed a bank that could provide the specialized services these industries needed. SVB was the first bank to offer venture capital services to its clients, and it was also the first to offer venture debt financing. SVB has since become a leader in the venture capital industry, providing financing for startups, late-stage companies, and public companies. It also provides services such as capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate banking. SVB has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and it continues to be a major player in the venture capital and technology industries. Today, SVB is a global financial services company that serves over 4,000 clients in more than 30 countries. It has a strong presence in the technology and life science industries, and it continues to be a leader in providing innovative financial services to its clients.
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Silicon Valley Bank Run, Runaway Inflation, Banking System Collapse, Protect Your Assets
Listen in as Jason explains the debacle that is the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, the ripple effects it’s having in the banking community, the poison pill the FED has placed in the housing market and how it has painted itself in a corner. He also talks about what the government can do, how you can use his patented Inflation Induced Debt Destruction strategy to come out on top in these uncertain times and how you can protect your assets. Just go to for more details. 0:00 Silicon Valley Bank and Bank Run: Margin Call 1:28 Fear of Contagion and a taxpayer funded bailout; the tech dot com bubble 5:26 Children in adult bodies and a history of manias 6:43 The SVB crisis explained 8:53 Runaway inflation or banking system collapse, memes 11:00 Signature bank and Silvergate; SVB holdings compared to other banks 18:47 Alf from Twitter 19:41 US bank loan-to-deposit ratios 21:10 While SVB collapsed, top executive pushed “woke” programs 25:21 Memes and more memes; CNBC’s Jim Cramer urged viewers to buy shares of SVB last month 28:57 Bank failures 2001 to 2023 30:33 SVB financial deposits, quarterly net change 31:50 SVB’s insured versus uninsured deposits 32:23 Biggest bank failures and the FDIC 33:17 FREE class: CYA protect your assets, save taxes and estate planning 34:54 The decision to bail out SVB 36:29 What can we do; the 2 year treasury yield and Inflation Induced Debt Destruction __________________________ Follow Jason on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & LINKEDIN Call our Investment Counselors at: 1-800-HARTMAN (US) or visit: Free Class: Easily get up to $250,000 in funding for real estate, business or anything else: CYA Protect Your Assets, Save Taxes & Estate Planning: Get wholesale real estate deals for investment or build a great business – Free Course: Special Offer from Ron LeGrand: Free Mini-Book on Pandemic Investing:
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Our Silicon Bank Run (ft Zach Piona, Wahlid Mohammad and Killy)| TMG - Episode 283
Bonus Episodes & Ad Free Episodes: Foul Tip’s Zach and Wahlid beam up to discuss NASCAR drama, Aaron Rodgers’ conspiracies and Tom Brady’s budding standup career. Plus, their opinions on the branzino date, what really happened with the Silicon Bank and Killy stops by to say hi. Get an extra 15% Off Conzuri with the code TMG at That's a total of 45% off your order! Go to and use code tinymeat60 for 60% off plus free shipping! If you listen on Apple Podcasts, go to: To sign up for the newsletter go to ! Buy Our Merch: Highlights Channel: TMG Socials: FOUL TIP CODY NOEL ZACH WAHLID Chapters 0:00 Last Night Was a Bank Robbery 2:08 Intro 3:11 Noel’s New Shirt 4:38 Boys are Balding 6:09 Chlorine Pubes 7:26 More Diving Content! 9:13 Runner’s Knees 10:35 Conzuri 13:41 Pube Patch 18:54 Branzino Girl 23:28 Hello Fresh 25:14 Family Style Branzino 28:04 It’s New York City… 30:01 Chilli’s Date Night 30:35 What’s Good, Killy? 33:27 Wahlid’s Bit Voice 35:55 Wahlid’s Joker Era 37:09 Zach’s Wakandan Accent? 38:55 Other Accents 40:27 Zach’s Running 41:05 Poppin’ Kids 42:03 Daycare Chaos 45:28 Bounce House Fridays 48:15 F1 & NASCAR Drama 50:50 GOATED Sponsored NASCAR Car 52:22 Aaron Rodgers’ Conspiracies 57:19 Debunking The Moon Landing 58:15 Buzz Aldren’s New Wife 59:49 Tom Brady’s Stand Up 1:02:25 RRR vs 80 for Brady 1:03:42 Tom at Open Mic 1:04:28 Shmunguss’s Revenge
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